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8 Hour course (with 8 hours credit) to get qualified / certified for your Illinois Conceal Carry License.

Active, retired, or honorably discharged member of the US Armed Forces – DD214 military card;
NRA Basic Pistol  8 hours
NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home  8 hours
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home  8 hours
Prior Law Enforcement/Officer Firearms Training   8hours
Any combined 4 hr approved courses-see list below.

  Illinois   Hunter Safety Course     4 hours
  Utah Conceal Carry License           4 hours
  Florida Conceal Carry License       4 hours
  Nevada Conceal Carry License      4 hours
  Missouri Conceal Carry License    4 hours
  Kentucky Conceal Carry License   4 hours
  Michigan Conceal Carry License    4 hours
  Chicago Firearms Safety Course   4 hours
The State of Illinois will only recognize up to 8 hours of approved training credits toward 16 hours class, everyone must take the last 8 hours of the class.